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Murder on Cue - auditions

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Seeking 30 - 50 year old female actors to audition for the role of Sue or Judy, staff at the Maple Lodge Retirement Home for actors.
If you are interested in auditioning please contact the Production Manager:
Auditions will be held Saturday 1st July 2023 from 2 - 4 pm.

Information Booklet and Audition Pack are available below.

Murder on Cue Information Booklet
Download PDF • 335KB

Murder on Cue Audition Pack
Download PDF • 356KB

Murder on Cue - Storyline

Murder On Cue is a skilfully crafted murder mystery with a comic twist.

Gossip and old rivalries sustain the residents of Maple Lodge, a retirement home for actors, as much as dry sherry and shepherd’s pie. But now there’s a spate of malicious anonymous letters, a rewritten will and the home is cut off by heavy snow. Surely even the most temperamental of luvvies wouldn’t descend to…… murder?

The residents join forces to solve the mystery – but this is not make-believe. Now they are performing for their lives!

​Murder on Cue - Characters

The Staff

SUE: 40's, manager of Maple Lodge, sensible. Steadying influence on all the personalities in the home, but can she be trusted? She is a beneficiary in Sybil’s will but is she really surprised?

JUDY: 30's, Sue's assistant. Reliable, good natured, seemingly honest but with a secret past. Is she all that she seems?

The Visitor

GARETH: 30/'s40's, Sybil’s nephew and solicitor. Beneficiary in will. Smug, oily, business like. Not very friendly - very abrupt.

The Residents (60's/70's/80's)

MOLLY: Intelligent, calm, resourceful. Is very observant and knowledgeable. Very observant and matter of fact. Happy to remain quiet until sure of her facts.

SYBIL: Rude, haughty, unscrupulous, ruthless. Total belief in her acting abilities. Former star in long running TV series BUT she gazumped Olivia for role.

DESIREE: Flighty, ditzy - or is she? Is this genuine or an act? In love with Charles but feels threatened by Sybil’s advances on him. Will she sit back and let Sybil win or will she stand up to her?

OLIVIA: Sybil’s rival for many acting roles during their youth. Possibly a better actress than Sybil but could not outdo Sybil in ruthless stakes. Is not afraid to stand up to Sybil when the need arises. A grand lady with a streak of steel when the need arises.

CHARLES: Decent and upright. Well aware of his shortcomings but very fair. Being blackmailed by Sybil but doesn’t want people to know. Extremely fond of Desiree.

LARRY: Camp and queeny but reasonably restrained. More like Noel Coward than John Inman! Very intelligent. Has been a good actor. Not afraid to be honest about his past.


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