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Murder on Cue

Murder On Cue is a skilfully crafted murder mystery with a comic twist, set in Maple Lodge, a retirement home for actors, where gossip and old rivalries sustain the residents as much as the dry sherry and shepherd’s pie. 


Someone is sending poison letters, the home is under threat of closure, and it becomes cut off from the outside world due to severe weather conditions. No one is allowed to leave, a dead body is discovered....... and then another.

The residents join forces to solve the mystery but will you guess who the murderer is, before the resident detectives unmask the killer?


All enquiries,  please email the Secretary:


Auditions for the cast of Murder on Cue will be announce shortly following the appointment of the Production Team in early June 2023.


The Staff

Sue - 40's, manager of Maple Lodge, sensible

Judy - 30's, Sue's assistant, good-natured

The Visitor

Gareth - 30's/40's, a solicitor, nephew to Sybil, smooth, sly

The Residents (60's/70's/80's)

Molly - intelligent, calm, resourceful

Sybil - rude, haughty

Desiree - flighty, ditzy

Olivia - steely, grand

Charles - decent, upright

Larry - camp, queeny

Show Dates

Murder on Cue will be performed in October 2023. More information to follow shortly.

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