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We are a vibrant theatre company, based in Bairnsdale, East Gippsland that provides a means for cultural expression and community enjoyment of the performing arts. BPLTC is a not-for-profit organisation, staffed entirely by volunteers.

Originally formed in 1986, BPLTC was revived in 2000 after it fell into decline for a some in the late 1990s.

Kindly Keep It Covered Program Cover

We have been going strong since then, producing at least two major shows a year (with at least one being a musical).

We also aim to run theatre craft-based workshops a couple of times a year, host social events for members and participate in other theatre experiences offered. Our monthly Prattle newsletter keeps everyone informed of exactly what we have been doing and our future plans.

We have found wonderful support from fantastic audiences. The composition of BPLTC changes each year so there is always room for new members, which enables you to volunteer and participate in our shows.


Committee meetings are held monthly and an AGM is held in the latter part of each year.

Our Patron is Wendy Beckett. Read more here.

We thank our sponsors for their commitment to assisting in our productions. Read more here

Our Shows

Shows are selected by an editorial panel and announced twice a year. Musicals are normally performed in May and the play in October each year.

A production management team is formed for each show consisting of: Production Manager(s), Director, Set Designer, Set Builders, Costume Designer, Props Manager, and with the musicals: Musical Director, Vocal Coach. These positions are chosen by the BPLTC Committee.

An information night is held for the musical, auditions held for the cast, before moving into rehearsals. The play follow a similar process but without the information night.

Our Committee

The BPLTC Committee is the governing body, elected from the membership, by the members, at the AGM, and is the Producer of all shows. We have a very devoted committee team that operates with full transparency and accountability to our membership.

The current committee is:

President: Rick Edney

Vice President: Susan Gibson

Secretary: Jenny Boyle

Treasurer: Di Dixon

General Committee Members:

Roy Rooney, Peter Martignoles, Maddie Clark, Jayne Baylis, Judy Taylor, Haylee Treasure

Costume Hire

BPLTC has a wealth of costumes that are available for hire. Check out our Past Shows to see the variety of performances, and what may be available. Contact us to enquire more.

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