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Steel Magnolias - is finally over, read the praise

Some of the reviews from our audience.

"It was a fabulous show. Well done to all you talented girls!!"

"A performance well worth seeing."

"A stage performance that evoked emotions unexpected from a show with only 6 characters (and no singing or dancing)."

"The talented cast had us laughing one minute and crying the next. I couldn't recommend going to see it enough."

"A huge congratulations to everyone involved. I've never enjoyed a play more and was so thoroughly impressed at the whole performance. Thanks."

"Do yourself a favour and see it, preferably twice to get the full experience of two casts. I can't wait to go again for the final."

"We came and watched both casts. Absolutely loved it."

"From the gorgeous set, the costumes, the hair, and the spot on Southern accents, it had everything"



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