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'Grease’ back on stage after Covid scare

The cast and crew of the musical Grease are breathing a cautious sigh of relief, with the show re-opening at Bairnsdale’s Forge Theatre this week, after a week’s delay forced by a backstage Covid outbreak.

Bairnsdale Production Line Theatre Company was forced to close the show for a week when the virus swept through the dressing rooms and backstage, but after six days of virtual lockdown, the show has been given the all-clear, and will re-open this Thursday, with four shows scheduled over the weekend, then a further three shows planned for the following weekend to honour tickets from the cancelled shows.

“It’s all been so frustrating for everyone”, said director David Cubley. “Everyone had worked so hard to make a brilliant show, we had an incredible opening weekend, and were all on a high as we looked forward to the second and third weekends. It was simply devastating to disappoint the community that has supported us so well”.

Fortunately, the company was able to negotiate with the management of the Forge Theatre & Arts Hub to rearrange the schedule, and Grease has been granted permission to stay in the theatre for another week.

“We’re so grateful to the Forge and the Shire for helping us keep the show on the road”, said Production Manager Di Dixon, “and of course we’re so appreciative of our audiences, who have taken it on the chin and continued to book for the remaining shows”.

The cast, meanwhile, have been taking all possible precautions to ensure they’re in peak condition for the ‘comeback’ shows from this Thursday.

“Our first priority has always been the health and welfare of our team”, said Mr Cubley, “but we’re hopeful that we’ve put this setback behind us, and we’re looking forward to

seeing all those Grease fans back in the Forge.

Grease re-opens this Thursday, May 19th, will play over the weekend, and then return the following Friday May 27th, closing with a matinee performance on Sunday, May 29th.

Bookings are available here.

Party time, 50s-style, for the Grease cast.
Party time, 50s-style, for the Grease cast.

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