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Under Milk Wood workshop

Help workshop a two-act adaptation of Dylan' Thomas' Under Milk Wood.

Under Milk Wood is a poetic drama set in the fictional Welsh village of Llareggub. The play takes place over twenty-four hours, revealing the dreams, desires, and secret thoughts of its eccentric inhabitants. Originally a radio drama, it has also been adapted for the stage and film.

Hosted by Eric Glass, a drama teacher and director with 40 years of experience, come and discover the magical and eccentric works of Dylan Thomas and

  • Explore the lives, hopes and dreams of Dylan Thomas' characters.

  • Be challenged by the physical and vocal aspects of the script.

  • But most of all, have fun!

For ages 10 - 110

To book your spot, contact the Secretary on 0412 117 092. For more information contact Ernie Glass, directly on 0493 075 291.

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