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‘Grease’ - a hit in Bairnsdale

With just three shows of a ten-show season under their belts, the cast and crew of Grease, Bairnsdale Production Line’s latest musical at the Forge Theatre, are grinning from ear to ear.

Last Friday’s opening night was an unqualified hit with the near-capacity house, and the following performances have seen the on-stage team of relatively young performers feeding on the excitement generated by their success, and lifting to still higher levels.

Needless to say, Director David Cubley couldn’t be happier.

“This is my first musical, after many years working on plays, so naturally it’s been a learning curve for me as well as the cast”, Mr Cubley said, “but it’s come together brilliantly, and I can only give full credit to this young team for making it happen”.

Grease is well known for the movie version, but that came six years after the original Broadway musical – so the Grease that audiences see today is an amalgam of all the best of both versions. East Gippsland audiences have taken the show to their hearts, with solid bookings for the entire season.

“We’re so pleased with the public response”, said Production Line President Rick Edney. “Local audiences traditionally hold back in the first week, waiting to hear how others have enjoyed it, but with Grease, there’s been no such reticence. Right out of the blocks, they just love it!”

Grease will be on stage at Bairnsdale’s Forge Theatre next Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and then over four performances from Thursday the following week.

Here they are: all the stars of ‘Grease’, currently on stage at the Forge Theatre.


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