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BPLTC awards night - see the winners

BPLTC Awards Night Sunday 3rd December 2023

Here are the winners of the BPTLC awards for 2023

David Cubley - best characterisation - male - Murder on Cue
David Cubley

Best characterisation in a play - male

This award goes to David Cubley. David played the queeny Larry, in the play 'Murder on Cue'. Bringing a performance, that had the audience laughing every night. Larry our dove, you did indeed have a funny turn. Well done David!

Jean Russell
Jean Russell

Best characterisation in a play - female

If you missed out on our play 'Murder on Cue' then you missed out on seeing this amazing woman take on the role of Molly. Congratulations Jean Russell, your portrayal of Molly was amazing to watch each night. "There were five things!"

Kyle Mandry
Kyle Mandry

Best characterisation in a musical - male

Of course this award goes to the Rock God of our hearts Mr Kyle Mandry! Playing Dewey Finn in 'School of Rock', he truly captured Jack Black's iconic role. They say it's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll, but we say Kyle is already there! Well deserved Kyle!

Annika Goessens & Maddie Clark
Annika Goessens & Maddie Clark

 Best characterisation in a musical - female

This award goes to two well deserving women. Maddie Clark who played the secret rock chick principal Rosalie Mullins in 'School of Rock'. Annika Goessens who played Tomika with an incredible voice hypnotising the audience with her 'Amazing Grace' performance. Well done Maddie & Annika!

Kaitlin Dorling
Kaitlin Dorling

Encouragement award

This awards goes to Kaitlin Dorling, you may remember her from 'School of Rock' as the Band Manager Summer Hathaway. A fabulous performance, and we can just see that this young lady is going to be going places! Well done Kaitlin.

susan Gibson
Susan Gibson

Outstanding contribution award

Without a doubt this award goes to Susan Gibson. Susan has been with the company for awhile, and there is so much that happens behind the scenes because of this woman. Not only is she our Vice President, but she is also our Stage Manager for the musicals each year.

Susan also took on directing the October play 'Murder on Cue'. and helped organise the One Act Plays that we had at our Wendy L Beckett studio this year. Each year Susan gives more to this company, she is family now! Thank you for all you do Susan, well deserved.

John Crawford
John Crawford

Hall of Fame Award

We are very pleased to give this award to John Crawford. This award is for someone who goes above and beyond, and that is John.

John has been around from the begining, being our treasurer and up until this year has been on the committee. John has been a set builder, he organises for our sets to get from the studio to the Forge Theatre, maintains the gardens and SO much more!. We could go on forever with how much he puts into this company, but this award is definitely well deserved to John.

Thank you for your outstanding effort and contribution to this Theatre Company, John.



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