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BPLTC AGM - Wednesday 2nd August 2023

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Bairnsdale Production Line Theatre Company Inc will be held on Wednesday, 2nd August at 7 pm, at the Wendy L Beckett Studio, Prendergast Road (off Bengworden Road, turn off for the Bairnsdale Airport sign.)

The Annual General Meeting is a meeting of the general membership, presided over by the President of the Company. Office Bearers and committee members should be in attendance to provide reports and record minutes. Company members are actively invited to attend and vote at the AGM in alignment with the Company’s constitution and by-laws.

Business conducted at the AGM includes:

• Amendments to the By-laws, if applicable.

• Election of Committee Members

• Review and Receiving of the audited financial statements

• Appointment of the auditor

• Amendments to Rules, if any

• Any other business

Election of Committee Members

Nominations for joining the Committee, from existing members, are being called and will need the following form filled in and sent to .

Positions to be elected are President, Treasurer, General Committee members (3).

2023 AGM Committee Nomination Form
Download PDF • 861KB

2023 AGM Committee Nomination Form
Download DOCX • 21KB

Being a committee member for BPLTC can be extremely rewarding and the following is some of the skills and attributes we are looking for:

  • A commitment to the mission of the organisation.

  • Sufficient time to devote to the committee.

  • An understanding of the role of the committee.

  • Enthusiasm and an interest in people.

  • Leadership skills and willingness to accept responsibility.

  • Tact, judgment, discretion and listening skills.

  • Strategic vision.

  • Dedication.

  • Good communication skills.

All members welcome.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 2nd August at 7pm.



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