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Introducing the cast of Anything Goes - our 2024 musical

Anything Goes - cast announcement header

Bairnsdale Production Line Theatre Company is proud to announce the cast for our May 2024 production of 'Anything Goes' . Well done to all the cast, now it's time for work!


Reno Sweeney - Michaela Keddie

Hope Harcourt - AJ Manuell

Lord Evelyn Oakleigh - Tim Carter

Elisha Whitney - David Cubley

Billy Crocker - Kyle Mandry

Moonface Martin - Robert Leggett

Erma - Kerri Fleet


Evangeline Harcourt - Susan Hawton

Spit - Kenny Goncharrow

Dippy - Anton Collins

Captain - Darell Lee

Purser - Fraser Gibson

Henry T Dobson - Chris Axe


Purity - Xanthe Moser

Chastity - Belle Sewell

Virtue - Sabrina Murphy

Charity - Aleka Hutton


Richard Mullett, Chris Axe, Hugh Pemberton, Etienne Goessens, Cody Stephens, Lauren Austin, Erin Roberts, Kelsey Kirk, Faith Perry, Nikita Seiler, Grace Cole, Emma Field, River Roberts, Sophie Jones

Tap Dancers

Michelle McLean, Christabel Peters, Dawn Jefferies, Danielle Matthews, Caroline Severs, Madeleine Clark


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