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School of Rock - exciting news! BPLTC are looking for a production team and a cast.

Interviews for the production team for School of Rock will take place on Saturday 10th September.

Anyone who is interested in being on the production team can contact us via

To perform in the cast of this hilarious and heartwarming musical, BPLTC is searching for:

  • TWO complete junior casts. A total of 20 people in the age bracket of 10 to 14, including eight young musicians skilled in guitar, bass, drums and keyboard.

  • Plus mature actors for adult roles, varying ages required.

  • A total of 40 onstage opportunities are available.

Auditions for the School of Rock case are scheduled to take place on the Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of October. More details about the auditions are to come, shortly.

School of Rock - young musicians wanted


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